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About us

ZAO FIRMA FUETE was founded in 1990 in Leningrad! Since 1992 it’s been a wholesaler of automobile chemistry and auto products and so far – a multibrand company.
     ZAO FIRMA FUETE offers a wide choice of cooling, brake and windscreen washer fluids, lubricating motor and industrial materials, automobile chemistry and auto products of such internationally known manufactures as:

TELKO (ASPO Chemicals) - Antifreezes in cooling systems ZERO, industrial aerosols, brake fluids DOT 4, DOT 5.1 (Finland).
FUCHS – The largest among the independent manufactures of lubricating materials (Germany).
NESTE - Engine, transmission, commercial, hydraulic oils, lubricants, special fluids (Finland).
ASTROCHIM – Professional automobile cosmetics and automobile chemistry (Russia).
OSRAM – Autobulbs (Germany)
and many others.

   We readily respond to the slightest market changes and concerning this we offer to our Clients constantly renewed range of goods, which can satisfy the most sophisticated and exacting clients.
    All the products offered by ZAO FIRMA FUETE meet the highest international standards of quality, they have necessary certificates of conformity and approval for use, high quality and competitive prices are guaranteed.
    We work not only with the large wholesale customers, we can also sell small batches of goods. In 2013 we opened sales of individual wholesale batches for natural persons
    Our Clients are car showrooms and car-care centres, car markets and auto shops, petrol stations, manufacturing plants, car fleets, construction and building companies, logging and mining enterprises. These are legal entities of any form of ownership and individual entrepreneurs. In total it is more than thousand Clients! Many of them have been working with us for many years, which we are truly glad for, and we use the best endeavors in order to justify the clients’ trust also the future!
    We guarantee to our Clients availability of the wide range of products at the warehouse in Saint Petersburg. Flexible system of price setting is attractive both for the final customer and for the wholesalers.
    We constantly improve ourselves, minimizing the order processing and delivery. Our logistics service provides trouble-free and reliable delivery of goods to any point of Russia.
    Our firm pays special attention to the new Clients. The special conditions and programs will help quicker to do your business more effective and profitable. Managers of the firm will provide professional guidelines for application of the materials, they will render technical support.
    Our objective – maximum satisfaction of the Clients’ needs in products, their highest quality at the reasonable price.
    Nowadays the ZAO FIRMA FUETE is one of the leaders among wholesalers of the North-Western region of Russia. We expand our dealer network and we invite the interested companies to business cooperation.
    We’ll be glad to see you as our long-term business partner!

Antifreezes and technical fluids, oils and lubricants,
automobile chemistry and automobile cosmetics, auto products